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You are not alone

The past few months have led me to reflect on the healing process. Healing is not an instant process, it is no magic, it may take you through the dark night of the soul and it will often shake you.

Here is the thing, healing is multi-dimensional, and anything but linear. And it is part of the process to allow yourself to let go and accept what you are going through.

Edgy marketing and immediate gratification fads have permeated in the well-being industry, and a number of trainings advertise the cheap promise of a fast track for mastering energy and healing yourself over a week end.

Great!! Well, not exactly. Reality check: it is not that simple.

Of course, it depends what it is you want to heal – that is a good starting point. It is OK not to know it actually and if you start acknowledging the depth of it you are already in the right place.

If what you have to heal makes you say ‘it is big’, ‘it is messy’ ‘I don’t know what it is but I feel there is something’ my advice to you is ‘go get help’. In order to heal, one must be in a safe space, and if something is blocking you, chances are you cannot provide that safe space for yourself. Let someone hold it for you, and lean in.

Healing is multi-dimensional: body, spirit, soul – then the alignment of it all can emerge once the pain, blockage have been integrated. I don’t know how someone can do that by itself and make sense of it...

My healing journey started with PTSD (although I only put the word on it recently). Basically, I felt I was at the bottom of a dark well – very dark, very deep – no light, no switch, no ladder, slippery walls. Sounds familiar?

It is a number of therapies, and wonderful therapists, who got me out, throwing me ropes, bringing some light, coming down to witness my darkness. Psycho-therapy, osteopathy opened the door, took me down the pathway. Meditation was an enlightenment, pure forgiveness, union with the one consciousness. Qigong and yoga enabled all this to sink in into my cells. Awareness of all dimensions. Energy healing, kindness, support, have completed it.

That experience and trainings, have helped me to put all this together and allow me in turn to use it and hold space for those who need.

I strongly believe that we are not in it to be alone and go through difficult time by ourselves. Life is not designed this way. So, if you need to heal, give yourself permission to get help, get guidance. What will emerge is your unique gift, not the one someone may impose on you but on the contrary, the one that they will facilitate to shine.

That’s how we support each other in One consciousness.

Blessings, Claire

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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